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Song is "Borrowed Angels" by Kristen Chenoweth

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Poem written with love
by Deborah's close friend Michelle...

they were best friends, confidantes,
they were always laughing and had so much fun together...
but most of all they were top mischief makers!

Thank you Michelle for this beautiful poem, for never forgetting Deborah
and for how much she meant and still means to you. 

Thank You Angie

Thank You Ann

Thank You Beth

Thank You Billie Lynn

Thank You Carol

Thank You Carol

Thank you Cindy Jo

Thank you Deanne

Thank you Debbie

Thank you Diane

Thank You DJ

Thank you Donna

Thank you Donna

Thank you Gala

Thank You Judi

Thank You Karen

Thank You Kris

Thank you Linda

Thank you Linda Lewis

Thank you Linda DeAndrea

Thank You Monika

Thank You Polly

Thank You Saralyn

Thank You Shirley

Thank You Susie

Thank You Theresa

Thank You Tammy,Tyler's Mom

Written By
Sue-Anne Aguilera, Lee's Mom

Thank you Sue-Anne for this beautiful poem and gift for Deborah.